Sinner’s Moon

Excerpt from “Red Sun”, so I can have some actual content on here.

When the heat turns the milk sour and the leaf-pages of the books melt together, when the air wraps around the world like a soggy blanket, the storms stir restlessly on the plains. Thunder crackles and grumbles endlessly in the west, lightning lights up the night, a flicker high above the windless plains, and all eyes turn to the restless horizon. Strange things happen. Two-headed calves, talking fowl and strange fruits sprout along the river, tales and realities barely discernable. Power hums through the air, setting the dogs to howling and the fur stands along the backs of the cats, and the humans whisper of strange voices on the wind.

This is the Sinner’s Moon, the Mating Moon, the Magic Moon, Blood Moon, Elves’ Moon, a dozen names it has, each earned from another tale. It is not marked on any calendar, there are no days associated with the gods or worship services held in the honor of the Faceless Ones, yet this is the most holy month of them all. It is the month of that madness in the blood, the month of heat-lust and murder and magic doings. It is this month when sometimes the Sidhe allow themselves to be seen, riding the wind and running before the great storms in shapes half beast.

The Sinner’s Moon is the month of the great, humid heat. The fucking heat, it’s called, the sickening, writhing thing so hated and personified it has its own cult. It turns the knees weak and the temper hot, and the two mingle in the loins and head and alchemize in the veins, a lust wild as the beasts themselves. These nights the streets are full of revelers, masked, costumed, perfumed, breasts and legs and groins covered in only the sheerest of disguises, free for touch and taking. Sex and alcohol and magic twine together, cocktail of the soul-lost, and the streets run red and white.

Then the storms break, and the Sinner’s Moon is in climax, bulging as though about to burst in ecstasy, and the reveler’s paths converge at the foot of the great plateau above the city, and there, in the heat of the summer storm, they climb, climb to the face of the plateau.

And as the storm breaks, they dance.


3 Responses to “Sinner’s Moon”

  1. Where does this fall in the story?

    It reads well, but I can’t imagine it in the middle somewhere… is it a new prologue or a nice chapter starter?

  2. Not my genre at all, but the writing is great, good luck with it 🙂

  3. Thank you Simonne, always good to see feedback and support!

    FW, this actually was a stand-alone scene that wasn’t intended to fit into the book. But I hit the perfect place for it, so I’ll be editing it into past-tense, and starting off a chapter with it.

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