The Red Sun Rises: Inspirations

In January/February 2007, I moved from California to North Carolina, driving cross-country with my mother. Road-trips are a favorite indulgence of mine, bringing a childish whimsy, and triggering my imagination in ways nothing else does. Or at least, the first few days do. A sore butt, aching back and stuffy car do little for inspiration, so it all fades as the trip wears on.

As we drove south, along California’s trucking lines, something about the long strings of trucks and cargo gave me an idea. Long-haul trucking is fascinating anyways, a gypsy life-style that few other professions offer. In a post-apocalyptic nation, one with a functional highway system still operating, truckers would be the new caravans, the gypsies. The ideas of the convoys came into existence. Land pirates, returning magic creatures, colorful Old West-style characters, and a shaky political infrastructure followed. By the time I made it to NC, 6 days later, the idea for “In the Arms of War” was plotted as the first book in a loose trilogy of stand-alone books. Red Sun and “Hanging on a Cross of Iron” followed, and I began writing.

130,000 words into the project now, he rest, as they say, is history.


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