Rounding the Bend

When you’ve been dreaming about something for years, you never really expect to find the finish line. Dreaming about it, yes, but somehow it’s always this misty “maybe”, and never reality. And then, when it is a reality, suddenly everything comes crashing down, and the realization of “damn, so that’s what I’ve done” sets in, and everything seems a little different.

I have a little over 10,000 words left. And while that is a lot, it’s also only two or three chapters. And with the pace I’ve been moving, that’s not very much. The end is near, and I’m alternately anticipating and dreading it. This has been my life for the last year and a half. It’s why I’ve set aside personal relationships, time with friends, hobbies, and been a hermit. Now, it’s almost gone, and I have to start on the next thing.

I’ll miss this story, even though I hate it a bit. The next one will be similar, but I’m growing to love Michael Donovan a little bit, even if he is an ineffectual and worried man. He’s a hero, whether he likes it or not, and we need more heroes today.

So here’s to heroes, and common people, and finishing stories to start on the next one.


6 Responses to “Rounding the Bend”

  1. Hear, Hear!

  2. Yes! Make the novel dace for you wearing a pink tutu!

  3. Oh lord Anthony, that’s a bad image all around.

    Although… Think we could make Ken dance for us, wearing a pink tutu?

  4. Almost there! Excited for you!


  5. “Think we could make Ken dance for us, wearing a pink tutu?”

    No. Just…. no.

  6. *snicker*

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