New Story?

The only problem with finishing a book is that then I have to edit it. And that means no original writing sprees, unless I can find some spare time to play. With a casual side-project in Shadow and Soul, there’s no such thing as spare time.

So what happens when I have a dream of an epic and truly interesting quest, and wake up to write 800 words about it before I even get dressed, just so I don’t forget any of it?

That’s right, a new story. 2500 words in 2 days, a title, and a really good idea of plot. I swear the story is sitting in my fingertips, ready to be written. Only sub-characters are named so far, I’ve done NO world-building, but I’d like to get this hammered out to a 90,000 rough draft by January. Yes? No? Maybe? We’ll see.

It gives me something to work on when I’m done editing, and frustrated with Shadow and Soul, like I am now. And it’s more my flavor than Red Sun, which is a little outside my comfort zone. Classic high fantasy, mythology, horror, a quest story, vengeance and desire, and a dash of romance add up to a potentially intriguing story.

Stay tuned for more news about “To Write a New Name”!


2 Responses to “New Story?”

  1. Well, I think that new story sounds fun! And it would be too bad to let it slip away, wouldn’t it? I’ve had dreams where I think something similar – except I never get around to writing it down, and before I know it, I’ve forgotten the whole thing. I say go for it 😀
    Are you thinking of postponing one of your other projects to write this, though?

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    No, the only thing that might get postponed is the short-story work, which isn’t a serious project anyways. Red Sun should be finished by November 1, and then it’s just a matter of plotting Iron Cross. And I desperately need something to actually write during that time. When I plotted Red Sun, I’d gotten too into the outlining, and had trouble going back to writing. That cost me probably a good two months of solid work.

    Shadow and Soul is a long-term project with no deadline, as my friend and I have a lot more plotting to do still before I sit down to write even the first book.

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