This is supposed to be fun?

Well, actually it is.

So, in apparent mockery of my “daily update” post, yesterday was my day off. I only got 5 hours of sleep, and had an important conversation for the little time that I was awake. Writing was, for once, low on my list of priorities. Besides, even I need an off-day sometimes. Today I’m back on schedule, even if its only a news post. I’ll do some actual blogging later on.

Lots of encouraging feedback on Kema and Venatore, thank you everyone. I’ve actually had some reservations about this piece, as I’m attempting to write a piece heavy with symbolism, and I am sure that no matter how I portray it, someone will have a fit about the characters chosen. Such is the risk.

I need to get out to Kinko’s or the library or something and get the first 50 pages of my book printed in multiple copies. My printer is irritating to use, and will get expensive in a hurry. Yet another thing to spend money on!

I’m coming to the realization that I need a more creative environment to work in. I told my boss that I’ll be looking for a new job in January, but she isn’t precisely ready to let me go, which is a compliment I guess, but just highlights that I need to work with people who understand a little of the dedication of any artistic endeavor. I talked to my mother, and she’s willing to take up the slack in any pay-cut I get, so long as I’m working for a local theater or performing arts of some sort. Gotta love that kind of stipulation!

Off to write now. I won’t get 50,000 words in a month, but I’ll have something ready to submit by the end of a year, so I think the trade-off is worth it!


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