Nov. 18

Apparently I need pressure and a stiff goal. At least in the mornings. And please reserve your jokes, FW and I made all of them last night about unicorns.

This next couple of weeks is going to be hectic enough that I’m opting out of any sort of obligation. My grandparents arrive a week from today, and will be here for 8 days. In the meantime, I’ve got lots to do to get the house ready for them. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, planning, I’ll almost be domesticated. And I’ll be working the entire time they are here, which means early mornings and late nights and no sleep. So if all I get done is queries, I forgive myself. I’m also going to nix the daily blog until Dec. 1. I’ll still post, but not every day probably.

When I get back, I’ll be starting on Iron Cross. 400-500 words a day for now, until I get through the holidays, just to start setting it up. After I get back from California, I’ll transition to 900 words a day, and see if I can get that wrapped up. Which means I should have a second completed manuscript by May!

So now I have to go try and get motivated! I have the next two days off, so I’ll send out queries and edit New Name. Friday morning, the 500 begins!


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