Cuisine, or “The diary of a love-stricken girl”

Hey, look! A second post! (warning, food porn ahead!)

You know that simple cous-cous and zucchini I talked about? Mmm, turned into a cous-cous and zucchini and cashew extravaganza.

I have a problem. I firmly believe in simple, local and fresh food. I just like to play with it until it has turned into something heavenly.

Let me describe this grand experience for you.

The cous-cous is like a very tiny, al dente pasta that rolls smoothly over the tongue, punctuated by the pop of sesame seeds and the buttery crunch of cashews. Zucchini, steamed just to that perfect juicy meltiness, adds a bit of lightness to the dish, which is topped off with a sauce of Marsala wine and butter, seasoned with cipollini onions, garlic, Harissa spice, creme fraiche and local goat cheese. Rounded out by a nice 2006 California Zinfandel, I’m in food heaven.

I kid you not, I eat like this most of the time. And you wonder why restaurants are a waste of time?


3 Responses to “Cuisine, or “The diary of a love-stricken girl””

  1. Nameless One Says:

    Ok, I’m practically melting at the thought of such a heavenly feast. You cook just as good as you write and tease my mouth for just a simple morsel. A crumb or even a scrap from your table would be enough to bolster me for the mundane lifetime of my own regular cooking. 🙂

  2. Now, I am hungry.

  3. Mwahahaha, my evil plot worked!

    No, I’m expressly forbidden to talk to my coworkers about what I’m eating unless I have enough to share. I like cooking. To be honest, as pathetic as it is, I prefer it to things like sleep, sex, parties…

    It’s just another thing to create, with the added benefit of being good for me (er, sometimes…).

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