Sugar-coffee, feathers and creme fraiche

So I just realized that I had forgotten today’s blog post. It wasn’t lack of time, although I’ve busted my ass being accomplished today. Oh well, now I actually have something to ramble about.

There’s a decided dearth of good, local coffee shops around here, incidentally. Seriously, about 6 in the whole of Charlotte. One I know is good, but inconvenient. So I tried out the only other one near me, Dilworth Coffee House, and have to say, reviews are mixed. I tried the Crème Brulee coffee, and just about went into sugar shock. WAY too sweet. I like my coffee like the rest of life: a little rough, a little tough, leather rather than lace (although lace does have benefits), quadruple-shot-no-whip-extra-hot (half an hour before bedtime at that, it just doesn’t affect me). This was sugary, lacked a real, identifiable flavor, and has me lukewarm about going back. Then again, they were friendly. Ahhhh, Life’s a Grind, how I miss thee and thy Nutty Cows (best hazelnut latte ever!).

But I did get a bunch of leather and feathers and chains tonight. No, it’s not for THAT… I need to make some more masks, soooo, here’s to trying them free-form. Yay.

I’m going to go clean now, and figure out how long this sugar-high is going to last. Maybe the Israeli cous-cous with zucchini and crème fraiche will temper it down a little. Have a good night!


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