Ever hit a point where you are simply DONE with having someone around? Yeah, ok, I’m there. My family needs to be gone. Now. Back to California, I’ll see you at Christmas, don’t let the door hit you on the backside on the way out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I love them best when I see them for a couple of days after about 6 months of not seeing them, and when they are about 3000 miles away. There’s just too much bad blood, too many secrets, and too many personalities all struggling for dominance. You know it’s bad when trying to figure out the rules to a game leaves two family members in a silent sulk, another in a passive-aggressive temper tantrum, and the fourth (me), sick to their stomach because of the tension in the air and the pure bullshit of it. Gotta love the holidays.

On a happier note… I took a good look at New Name yesterday, and am inching towards 11,000 words. Got lots of editing to do, and lots of words to add. But it looks gooooood! Deadline for completion is January 1, since I want to submit it to Glimmer Train’s January deadline.

No work done on Red Sun or Iron Cross, a little bit done to Shadow and Soul. Daily blogs should resume either tomorrow, or Thursday after the family leaves.


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