New Myth: #2

With New Name needing only a few more edits before I send it out to publishers, I’ve found a new myth to play with. Tentatively titled “Son of Sky, Daughter of Fire”, it starts with the retelling of an ancient myth, and ends with the resurgence of the immortals in near-future times.

There is some similarity to Sleeping Beauty and a touch here and there of other fairy tales. The immortal kings take mortal wives, the thing that has allowed them to survive in the modern world without losing their grip on reality. In order to take the throne, the heir-apparent (who in old times was chosen through rigorous tests) must find and woo the woman of his choice. The only requirement is that she be a witch of great power. The trade-off is that he will take some of her mortality in exchange for her taking some immortality. A delicate balance.

At one time, with their access to nearly every culture, this was no problem. But after the witch-burnings, many of the old witch-lines were erased or broken. Very few powerful witches remained, and so the kings had gotten away from the habit of marrying mortals.

Now their new heir apparent, the fourth generation of royal blood, has determined to reinstate that tradition. Much frustration, hilarity, blood, romance and war follow. After all, it’s a little hard to explain to the girl in the bar that you are an immortal prince, looking for a powerful witch. Oh, and the ceremony to bind the marriage and place the woman as queen requires blood sacrifice, public sex and a lot of magic.

More fun yet, this is no alternate universe this is being set in. The events take place in America, in current times. Whoopie.

This is walking a really fine line towards becoming some light, sappy paranormal romance. The goal is a dark, brooding picture of what havoc power, lust, responsibility and being inherently apart from any “normal” world can cause.


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