If only I could find a brain. Even a used one would be great. I can’t even remember if I’ve posted a blog for the day. I KNOW I got a lot of cleaning and unpacking done, and am settled back in from California, which is a lot faster than usual.

I am not much of a social creature, and so my big social splurge of the year was attending a party at the BIG house of one of our managers. It’s called the Farm among my coworkers, since in the last year he’s managed to accrue a pig, goats, ducks, chickens, horses, dogs, and a cat to add to the kid. A great place, and an annual work bash.

Oy, there were a lot of kids. And dogs. Everyone seemed to have brought two of each. So two of my friends escaped upstairs with me to watch the Rosebowl. Alex, being Brazilian, a devoted USC fan, and completely ticklish, endured a lot of grief, since Michelle and I pick on him unmercifully. But it was cozy, the three of us curled up on the couch together…

…and then the kid showed up. Now, I’ve got a soft spot for rambunctious boys, it’s one of the few groups of children I deal well with. This one immediately homed in on Alex as the punching bag, and proceeded to terrorize him for the next three hours. It was hilarious. At one point, the child managed to miss certain fragile parts by a mere whisker, and then remarked, “why are you red? You aren’t red any more!” as Alex tried desperately to preserve his reproductive ability. Since this evening reaffirmed his desire to abstain from children, I didn’t see the point.

But it was good, playing with the six year old and remembering why I enjoy working with kids.

Even if he did try to smear sour cream on my face by handing me a chip with no less than two tablespoons of sour cream on it. I’ll accept the generosity, but I don’t think I can eat sour cream for a while.

Happy New Year’s everyone.


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