Last night, my mom browsed through a list of Washington properties and sent me some links to interesting ones. I suppose she’s finally realized how much I want to be gone from here. I do feel bad, she moved back here partly because of me, but she found a niche for herself here, and I haven’t. I’m such a gypsy that I know I’ll want to keep moving for a long time, simply too restless and hungry to stay in one place. Maybe when I have my old home back…

It makes it easier that she doesn’t seem to be having too much problem with the thought of me moving away. She might even move back west later. Right now, I need room and space, and not only can I not have that while living with someone, I’m thinking it’s really not available in the East.

Olympia is my first choice right now, small enough to not frustrate me with too many people, but large enough to have what I would need. Now the only problem is getting a job out there while I’m back here. I may just have to bite the bullet and transfer out there with my current company, and then throw myself into the real job hunt once I get there. We’ll see.

Another 900 words on Inherent yesterday. It looks interesting, so I’ll post an excerpt soon.


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