Inherent Update (2)

5500 words on it, and the day off to focus on setting. Following are some excerpts.

1) Kortango: Western super-power, expanding rapidly as Virgal-Goien begins to weaken, Kortango is a mish-mash of cultures, territories, cities and societies. While inertia is on its side at the moment, it is unstable at the core. Already a large western province, Sorhul, is threatening insurrection, and rebel activity has increased violently in the smaller province beside Sorhul. Kortango is not actively threatening Samis yet, only the northern province where the death-lords were driven into exile is raiding into Jastu and Teberga, although the leaders in Zandueto are watching with interest to see if there is an opening. The primary conquest is focused southwards, into the richer and more promising lands of Virgal-Goien, which is also the ancestral enemy of the monarchy of Kortango.

2) Jastu: The northern territories. Mountainous and rugged, sharp cliffs and sheer rock faces. The northeastern region of the territory are clothed in evergreens, grass, flowers and rushing rivers, providing a spectacular but impassable region-known as the baltza-for the lofty fortress of Falkhunara, where Amarog and his mate have their home. The splendor of the baltza ends with disconcerting abruptness at the feet of Beherea Basse, the Demon Peak. This is the gateway to the paga, the unwelcoming south-western deadlands that butts up against Kortango. Only Shendashtin, overlooking Teberga, is so close to the heart of Jastu. Strange things roam through the paga, corpse-dogs, prowlers, carrion-hawks, anything that feeds on the dead. Sviera chased the inhabitants of the paga into Kortango’s northern reaches, leaving the paga uninhabited, and sealed the shadows so that nothing more could come through. Since that sealing, the western borders have been hard-pressed to keep the evil at bay, as it is trying to go back to the paga. Elexalde’s western lands are overrun, and nothing good lives there.

All of the cities, provinces and political alliances are described-a total of over 1500 words-which makes my life much easier! Once the website is set up, I’ll create a similar list to post for each book.

I am wildly enjoying this entire project.


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