*unintelligible mumbling*

Sometimes, I detest my mind and memory. Last night, I got home from my paying job and spent about an hour working on the internship stuff (which I’m enjoying greatly), then crashed for my requisite 6 hours of sleep (hey, I kept up the eight hours for almost six months, be proud).

First thing I know, I’m waking up from a dream about work, which is simultaneously a dream about the internship. A very vivid, twisted dream. And it segues right over into my waking thoughts, and it is still the middle of the night. So I’m lying in bed, obsessing over work. To top it all off, as usual, I slept really well right before I had to get up, and my waking words were a snarl at the alarm and a “seriously? This sucks” moment.

I badly need to be back on my later schedule. Next week I’m going down to SC with my mom for an overnight trip to Charleston, a purely recreational trip on my day off. Hopefully, my head will disconnect from work for a little while.

More stuff is landing on my plate at work too. Since certain responsibilities were relieved, two of our head managers have decided to make use of my organizational, creative and typing skills, and adopted me as their personal assistant. So now I’m doing mentoring and training, as well as manuals, and huge product features.

Hours, there are not enough of thee in a day.

Maybe I can get along with only five hours of sleep again?


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