Inherent Update

Just broke 14,000 words! Considering that I’ve taken several days off, I am very pleased with myself.

I will be going back to taking a day off from posting a blog. I am not sure which day yet, but yesterday’s was set up to publish automatically, and it was nice to have a day off. Without daily posts, I’ll be able to write longer ones. And I know you all want those! (right? Right!)

The internship is starting to heat up and get more demanding. I contributed multimedia to two articles last week, and although I must be driving my poor boss nuts with my frustrations with the program we use to publish them, at least they got done. She says we’ll be learning HTML this week, I wonder how many headaches that will cause her!

I do enjoy the internship however. After just a week, I’m already looking at news, articles, blogs, etc with a different light. Instead of just “cool”, it’s “Oh, I know how they did that!” Very fun. I might just have found a career I like, all because of a “StumbleUpon” random selection. Can’t complain when fate works that way!

In other news, I’m setting up an Etsy account, or rather my mother is, to sell some of the jewelry I’ve been making. It would be nice to have a little extra income in case I do get to move West this year.

It won’t be for a couple of days, but hopefully I’ll have another Essay/Musing/Rant coming up that’s actually fun to read! Until then, ciao.


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