Ok, so it’s not that great. But I think I figured out why I like Spike. And Dru. But Spike is more convoluted.

Before that however… I MADE TWENTY THOUSAND WORDS YESTERDAY!! Yay! Inherent is taking a break today, and tomorrow will be spent on working out plot and theme. I also got another drawing mostly done yesterday, which I am pleased with. It does highlight my inability to draw elbows or lips however, which annoys me. (Also, it’s somewhat difficult when your grandmother wants to look through your sketchbook, and you’ve got a habit of drawing nudes. Just, ick)

Anyways, Spike is one of the best examples of a villain, and of an anti-hero. He’s the most confusing, realistic character in the show, with more sides than anyone else. In one episode, the Judge says Spike and Dru stink of humanity, they know love and jealousy. However, at no time (in what I’ve seen), does Spike show a conscience. Yet he obviously loves Dru with a somewhat obsessive passion (well, he is quite obsessive and focused in lots of things really). He protects her, puts himself in danger for her, and is tender and gentle with her.

Much like Alakon in fact. He has no conscience. He doesn’t give a damn about his victims, he enjoys killing. He loves torturing, war, blood and violence. His family and a few close friends are the exception to his generalized violence. His own people keep far, far away from him as much as they can. He’s referred to as the double-bladed weapon of his race, a superb monster as likely to destroy his palace as the strongholds of the enemy, and enjoy it either way.

Yet he loves. Deeply, passionately and confusedly. More on that later.

But I figured out why Spike is such a good character. Now I have to figure out why Amarog WILL be a good character.



4 Responses to “Eureka!”

  1. Nameless One Says:

    Out of curiosity Morn…how long do you intend this to be?

  2. Nameless One Says:

    Oops, I meant…how long do you intend Inherant to be?

    • Jaym Gates Says:


      Um, somewhere between 120,000 to 140,000 words. Not sure yet. Red Sun came to 140,000 words, which was quite a bit longer than I thought it would be. So it all depends on what I find.

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