INHERENT will be composed of three separate ‘books’, each focusing on a different aspect, and two different characters. The plots are entwined of course, and will most likely end up in the same place, more or less, but the plot feels a little hop-scotch right now. Jumping around between the different characters is annoying.

Now, I can separate the books, write each one as a standalone, focusing only on those characters and foreshadowing the rest of the characters and events. That might actually be really fun, but is it too annoying to read? It would also add to the symbolism of the story, since there are 3 nations, three main groupings of characters, and there would be three sub-books.

Or, I could do as I’ve been doing, and cycle through characters by individual chapters. However, even I am forgetting things, which makes me think the other way might be better.

If you’ve got any feedback, let me hear it please!

The books are: ‘Kadaraita’, which focuses on death and transformation, as well as being the story of Amarog and Sviera. ‘Abadinur’, which focuses on love, duty and loyalty, and is the most political of the three, this is the story of Ja Corri and Kigen Jui. ‘Logrozana’ is the third, focusing on war, chaos and freedom. KADARAITA and LOGROZANA are the ones that I’ve started working on, ABADINUR is still a bit of a head-trip.


2 Responses to “Structure”

  1. Nameless One Says:

    Hmmm…do each of the three books intersect in characters other than foreshadowing…or can they operate independent?

    The way you’ve described it makes me thin that seperating them might be best.

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      They would be pretty independent. There’s the usual mix-up at the beginning and end, where all of the characters are pretty connected. But that would mean a prologue, then the three books, and then the ending. Which is probably what I’ll do.

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