Fuzzy Day

Good lord, it’s been a while since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep, but I think last night takes awards for being a really bad night’s sleep. You know the type, where it’s not necessarily that you aren’t tired or wanting to have a nice sleep, it’s that the world sort of conspires against you.

Mmm, so bad dreams, neighborhood dogs barking, etc… I really want to go back to bed. With the Superbowl tonight though, not going to get home before 11pm at earliest I’d say. I am soooo looking forward to my day. The salsa I made should make my day a little better though, being liberally laced with tequila!

I’m pondering whether to submit “New Name” to an anthology, or sit on it for a while and write a couple more short stories to put it with. As long as it is, most magazines want something 1/3 the length, or are the wrong genre. (Just got word that Glimmer Train will not be publishing it. Which is fine, as I stretched the genre definition a wee bit by sending it to them… Hey, it was worth a shot!) But that means research into the short-story market, something I’ve been putting off a bit. After research, I’ll start either submitting, or wait till I’m doing the revision of “Inherent” to write a couple more shorts.

Speaking of “INHERENT”… I’m figuring it out. Slowly. Very slowly. I will try to get a rough draft of “Abadinur”, the second “book” within a book, done by the end of February, and then “Logrozana” finished up by the end of March. After that, two months to add depth and detail, and I should be able to begin editing by the end of June/mid-July. Barring a move. I’ll take some delays to move though!

This week will be incredibly busy. I have to do the scheduling for the magazine I’m interning with, working with a former intern for guidance. I have to schedule in the publication dates of columns, articles and videos.

I have also volunteered to do a couple of reviews, so I need to contact the authors of two webcomics and see if they are interested in interviews, as well as write the reviews. I have 2/3 of the last project done, and 2 more weeks to finish that, but hopefully can wrap it up tomorrow. Tonight, I have a lovely coding tutorial to suffer through. Honestly, I’d love to be able to code and all that jazz, but my history suggests the typical artist/technology mutual hatred. I have also been asked to join a new fantasy-lit forum and become part of the community, keep a finger on the pulse as it were. This should cross over nicely with the other big task coming up…

And that is beginning to go through the Fifthwind Forums archives and cataloging the posts that will need to be transferred. I think FW said something about that happening this summer, which isn’t far away, so I want to get a head-start on it. I also will be looking for some new members, which is where a new forum membership should be handy.

I’ve been thinking, after some discussion, on my school plans. It’s about time for me to get back to school, and when I move to the west coast, I need to have somewhere in mind, and in process. Since I want to mix the study of psychology, anthropology, literature, sociology and history together, I need somewhere flexible. It will be more difficult still since the focus within those larger spheres will be magic, death, common myths, and other things not so easily defined. Not many places offer concentrations meeting those requirements. After I get the 4-year degree, I plan to continue on and get my Master’s, and eventually, a Ph.d as well. Dr. Jaym just has a great ring, don’tcha think? As part of my Master’s, I’d like to get teaching credentials. I’ve thought for a while that I’d enjoy teaching college. We’ll see how that works.

I’ve been going through some choppy waters recently. I don’t like uncertainty in my life, and recently, that seems to be all there is. It is providing valuable lessons in taking each day as it comes, and in easing up on my need to control every variable of my life.

My motto right now is “faith requires faith”. Perhaps a little circular and redundant, but I know what it means, and it’s working for me so far.

The next few weeks will be busy, and I think the ones after that will be getting busier. I need to be efficient, focused and bar distractions. So if I take a little longer to reply, or miss a few posts here and there, please forgive me. In the long run, it should be better content if I take longer.


2 Responses to “Fuzzy Day”

  1. You really do keep yourself busy don’t you? *hugs* You can do it!

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Just a little. Less time to think that way, right? Less time to worry. *hugs* Thanks for the support my friend.

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