Internship news!

So my deeply respected, overworked, underpaid, and too-amusing boss took on the challenge of teaching me css and html last night. In testament to her skill, some of it actually stuck. Not a deep amount of it probably, but hey, for anything to stick was a miracle.

One of the things I’m doing today is writing up an interview with certain webcomic creators. I have to email them and ask if they are interested in being featured in Fantasy Magazine, and then write reviews of the comic for the magazine. If I manage it, I’ll be able to tack the interview on to the review and run them in a nice, big, shiny publication! Soooo much fun.

Now I have to get over my fear of contacting people I don’t know. Honestly, I hate blind-emailing. Or phone calls. Or anything to do with people I don’t know.


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