I’ve been struggling to find something interesting to post, and time to post, on Fridays. My opinion is that if I don’t have something pertinent to say, I’d better not say anything at all. So Friday is one of those days of “if I have time”. No promised post.

For today though, a word on INHERENT. I don’t know the word count right now, I split the story into several sections so I could focus on one at a time. Monday I’ll add them all up.

But for the moment, Txikia is laying plots and working on entrapping Erotheri. Now, the fun thing about the ordering of the stories… Erotheri has already shown the affects of Txikia’s plots. In fact, he’s in the process of hanging himself (figuratively) by the end of the second section. The third section explains why. It is a little tricky maneuvering this story and getting it to do what I want. I am strongly considering writing IRON CROSS in first-person, to make myself steer away from so many characters.

Alakon has started dreaming, guided by a strange entity he knows from his past. The dream sequences are written in present-tense.


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