Inherent Stuff

INHERENT is proving to be a complicated story. Based mostly on characters and setting, and less on plot, the plot itself becomes quite difficult to accurately lay out. Add to that continuity issues, and it can be a little frustrating.

The hardest to figure out is Sviera. Central to the plot and world, she has almost nothing to actually DO. She’s a sorceress, a mother and mate, queen, and at the root of several power-plays. She’s set a lot of the plot in motion. But her goals are through other people. She weaves the web, the others draw the individual strings. She is a very mental and emotional character, with more thoughts and experiences but fewer actions, acting as a Guide and Trickster archetype. But goddammit she’s hard to write. Nothing has felt quite deep enough, or “sideways” enough. She is flat out insane at times, brilliantly cunning at all times, and sometimes rather sweet.

Alright, so I will write her as the heart of the story. First-person. She is the main character of KADARAITA, the part of the story focusing on the aspects of chaos and change, while Amarog is, or was, the secondary character there. However, I may give her a solitary short story, and let Amarog work with Kigen and Corri instead, or show him through her eyes. I am unsure.

What I do know, is that I can’t wander through the characters, a little here and there. I need to write one story at a time, and then weave them together later. Basically, focus on one character at a time, tell their story. So, for now, I am writing Sviera.

The reading may be tricky, as there isn’t an overwhelmingly complicated plot, more a study on how different characters react to the same situations.

The first thing I HAVE to do is pin down a time line. Did I mention I detest those things? Oh yes, with a passion. Time is a relatively inconsequential thing to me, and so I avoid interacting with it whenever possible. Yay.

Off to write the damn thing. 745 words today on Inherent however, which is good.


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