INHERENT Progress (ish)

Haven’t made it to 40,000 words yet for two reasons: rewrites and research.

Changing from inclusive third-person to exclusive first-person for Sveria’s story means I have to rewrite her section, which is currently the most expansive (of course!) to make sure it all stays linear and unconvoluted. I also have to work to cross-reference her experiences, words and thoughts with the other two viewpoints.

The research is the fun part of this. As I’ve mentioned, Kortango’s military and government are based on Alexander’s Greece as it might have been (except this time, it comes AFTER “Rome”), while Virgal-Goien is based more on Rome, with roads, sewers, etc. VG is a more structured, modern, militaristic society, while Kortango is a little more barbaric and loosely-knit. The eastern lands are a conglomeration of cultures, with Ilgaro being fairly German medievalism, Jastu being, well, Asran, and Gatika being pretty Egyptian/Arabic. Of course, these are all just inspirations and studies, not point-for-point copies.

With such detailed cultural studies and interconnecting histories, religions and societies, the geography itself must not be ignored, nor the technical details of day-to-day living.

So the research is everything from the details of Roman road construction, to the wind-patterns of the Namib desert. Slow, excruciating, and then I have to weave in elements of extinct creatures, fantastical elements, magic, myth, a “Lost God” culture, etc. The background is half of this story, and I have to be careful to not just write a history, fun as that would be.

But the care is paying off in backgrounds that can be visualized, cultures that have more than one facet, and a lot of new ideas.

I mean, there’s a beetle in the Namib desert that climbs to the top of a dune and tilts its body so that the dense coastal fog condenses on its shell and runs into its mouth. Try making a beast more unique than that out of your imagination!

(yes, I posted the same thing on the FW forum. Sue me. It’s a blog post)


4 Responses to “INHERENT Progress (ish)”

  1. Hey! You posted the same thing on FW! I’m calling my lawyer right now!

    Seriously, though, thorough research and getting the story revised the way you want it is more important than hitting a “magical” word-count of 40 000 words. So keep at it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Did I mention my lawyer is Johnnie Cochran? πŸ˜€

  3. Hey… it’s okay, I do it all the time.

    Different readership and all that jazz.

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