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Hey, look at that, I CAN wear a dress!!

For the record, I made a couple of guys speechless, and got whistled at. It was a great day. Especially since it was raining on a level with Noah’s Flood and I had a hefty dose of “pissed off” from work that morning.

Jaym can wear a dress!

Jaym can wear a dress!

And, just, me happy and about as in my element as I’ll be back here. Barefoot, jeans and tanktop, loose hair and trees, perched on a railing. Just need a book and tea!



Showing vs. Telling

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Kiser and I had a discussion about showing vs. telling in a rough draft. I tend to write a rough draft of telling, a very detailed plot basically, and then go and revise later on, adding up to twice as much content to flesh out the details. So the first draft looks like crap!

It has a tendency to read like a laundry list. “They did this, went here, he said this, she kissed that.” Ok, not quite that bad. And I don’t write the end until the second draft. I’ll do scenes from the end, but the last few sentences won’t even be added until the book is otherwise finished. The opening sentences will be rewritten for months to get just the right words.

In RED SUN, I had a bit of a gimmick. The events of the prologue were exquisitely suited for the Pledge of Allegiance. To me, the prologue was the best part of the book by a mile. No dialogue, but it wasn’t telling, it was showing!

So, the first draft, I tell myself the story. The second draft, I show myself the world and the characters. The third draft, I oil and polish and wrap the story in pretty paper and ribbon. See? Formulas DO work!


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A while back, I got in a disagreement about the meaning of “Success”. Basically, I said it had to be something personal, that I would know when I was successful.

Well, I think it counts 100% as successful when my words inspire or help another person in any way, shape or form. I clearly remember about a dozen statements or stories that shaped my life, and so maybe I place more value on words than others.

But when someone thanks you for your words…

Does it really matter then how many best-sellers I write? Quality, not quantity, that’s the measure of success.


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“You have governed well, Priestess,” he acknowledged, glancing over the peaceful houses. Lights blinked out as the residents went to sleep at last. Wind snuffled through the streets, stirring leaves and branches in restless boredom. A stray tendril of air ruffled the man’s hair, and he reached up, grabbing it to wrap it in his fingers. “Winds have increased.”
She nodded, stroking her weathered fingers along her lips. “The children of the Three. These are the Stewards of the nation, the heralds of the ones to come.”
The dragon wearing a lord’s skin looked at her in question. Her dim eyes saw little of the now, and yet leagues into the future.
“The Dark Witch will break the world you have built, and birth a new one. Divide the Three, strike them down one by one, raise a new crown to the lands. Beware her, dragon, she is older and wiser than any of you, and has seen the world end, and will see it begin yet again. Born mortal, die immortal. Beware you do not seek to stop her, for if you do, the world shall end in truth, and the Children of Ruin will rule us all.”
Mortathes did not bother to ask her to tell more. The Priestess told the future as she saw it. He had never earned further knowledge from pressing her, and so he bent over her wrinkled hand and kissed it, then turned and strode away into the hills for solitude. He would return soon enough to begin the task of raising a Child to be a King.
The Priestess watched him go, a smile of mystery and promise wrinkling across her face. Then she stepped out of the world.

The Priestess is a shadowy figure in the INHERENT world. Very old, very wise, very powerful but no one has ever seen her use her power. She never has a hand in war or violence of any sort, and doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the world, but always knows what will happen, and sometimes tells people what will happen so they can make the correct choices. The only things known about her are that she is older than Mortathes, and Mortathes respects and trusts her implicitly in a way he trusts no one else. She is never seen in Cume after the Kin-wars, but there is no record of her leaving.

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First, the manager sets off an alarm. Can’t figure out how to make it shut up. Hey, it’s six am, you try and think that quickly at six am. Anyways, she accidentally sets off the fire alarm instead. Ten minutes later, the cavalry arrives, ladder truck and all, and the boys bundle out looking all serious and important. Little hard to take the job seriously when you’ve got a group of soccer moms commenting on your butt I guess. Takes them half an hour of looking, finally find the shut-off. By this point, we’re all whimpering from teh splitting screeches and strobing lights of the alarms, and all the other buildings in the complex are hosting a mini-disco. Ha. That was a barrel of fun. On top of that, the second manager was two hours late, we were short-handed, woohoo that was amusing. The manager is NEVER going to live it down.

It does make the morning better however when the firefighters are giving you the once-over… and the twice over, and a few smiles and some flirting. Hey, I like having friends in high places.

An hour of trying on dresses that have gathered dust in the closets for a year, remembering how to walk in heels, finding weird positions to try and get the damn zippers closed. Apparently, bets are being made and cameras smuggled into work, since I’ve let it be known I’m stopping by on the way to the wedding. That should be hilarious.

I’ve also been chasing down genealogy stuff, since it’s been coming up recently that some questions weren’t answered by previous research. Good god, it gets rough when everyone married their cousin!

So, the next few days are full of a ton of work for the magazine, planning a baby shower for a friend, catching up with other friends, posting here, writing stuff, making some jewelry, researching family, making business calls… *pauses to catch breath* Geez.

Cover Letters

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So far, the WORST part of the writing process is DEFINATELY the cover letter. The synopsis isn’t too bad. But yes, the query/cover is horrible. I hate it.

That being said, I sent out New Name today to Leading Edge Magazine. We’ll see how that goes. I did a bunch more editing on it, but I swear, I could edit that damn thing for the rest of my life and it would still have a ton of things I don’t like. The editing is the second worst part. Blech.


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Sorry guys, running out of time, and go too much going on.

Yesterday sucked, on all levels. Today WILL be better. I command it.

Anyways, INHERENT is now organized in the format it will be laid out in the book, and notes on needed scenes are written. Looks like about two thousand words to chop out, whole scenes that don’t fit anymore. That will be done later.

Also, I’ve committed to finishing the Beauty and the Beast story by August 1, and attempting to have it published. Tentative title is “Saints and Virgins”, word-count goal is 10,000. Eventually, I would like to publish it in a collection with my other “myths”.

That’s all for now kids, although if anyone is looking for a good book, I strongly recommend Bradbury’s (Thank you FW) “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. He’s a master. And the book is really a long short story, with equal parts horror and innocence. I loved it!