Damn the Season!

Extensive writing called today on account of pain. Whatever little imp stole into my room last night and tied my shoulder muscles into a pretty little bow… Well, let’s say that there are plenty of other things I’d like to bow-tie.

Anyways. I had been running INHERENT on a very short time-schedule, largely because I felt that things needed to happen quickly. But, reading it, a time-frame of less than a year is far too rushed. I can leave blank places, really I can. “The season passed uneventfully, except for the rumors of war in the southern kingdoms.”

Please remind me that I don’t have to write every damn second?

Oh, woohoo! Edit on last night’s word count, I underestimated. I have 45,400 words. Which means I should be able to squeak up to 50,000 by Tuesday, if I stay focused!

I think INHERENT should take about a year and a half from the first battle to the final battle. That gives time for travel, suspense, etc. And it doesn’t require too much editing, things weren’t fitting short anyways.


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