Looks like I forgot to blog for a bit. No apologies here however, I’ve been solidly entranced with INHERENT and Shadow and Soul.

43,000 -(ish) words! That’s a hell of a lot. Especially when I look back and remember that I STARTED this project the last week of December. Started, as in, found the idea and started running with it. No long months of planning and building. I can’t even really blame the speed on prior S&S building, as most of that is coming in later and being used minimally.

The format of this story is going to read funny. Hell, it reads really funny right now, since it is in nine different chunks, each of which is being slowly built upon. I’m aiming for about 80,000 before I start putting those chunks together and making the whole.


One Response to “Lordy!”

  1. darkhaze Says:

    Grrr. I’ll catch up with your word count, I swear it! *Waves fist at Mornara* 😉

    And on a serious note; Nice job, and keep going. And don’t forget to gloat when you’re done. 😛

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