Musings on Time

Warning, random musings ahead!

I started working when I was 13. Well, being paid for working anyways. I grew up in a semi-self-dependent house out in the country, complete with horses and dogs and cats. Thankfully the goats were gone before I showed up.

Anyways, at 13, I started working for my grandfather in his engineering business. Secretary, technical assistance at surveys, etc, all while keeping up with my schoolwork and being solely responsible for ten horses and their care and training. So I guess one could say I don’t really remember not working. I like working. I like paychecks and independence. I enjoy having too many responsibilities and working on multiple projects.

But it’s been interesting to watch other people and their lives. I feel as though I’ve been an adult for so long, that sometimes I catch myself as off-guard as other people are when I tell them my age.

Most of my friends have children, or are engaged, or in long-term relationships. A younger cousin is married, with a child. Two friends are getting married this month, and buying a house together, and she’s also younger than I am. Time with the few female friends I have has to be planned around their children, and talk is largely centered around them.

Most of them have accepted my lifestyle, although I still get teasing about settling down and raising a family. It’s usually in jest however. I have a tolerance for any one place of about a year before I get wanderlust, two years before I absolutely HAVE to move or go nuts. Relationships last about 3 months before I get bored. My loves are writing and researching, traveling, listening, learning.

I love where I am in life, what I do. It’s just interesting sometimes to watch others move around me on more traditional paths. Musing on the different roads is more interesting yet!


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