Monday Monday

Watched Hancock today, and wow. Very nice. It’s not overtly fantasy, but since there are God’s Angels in the story, (and they’ve been posing as superheroes…), this is definately fantasy. Mentions of Persia and Brooklyn in the same sentence tend to spell “fantasy” to me. Hancock is a modern, funny, real retelling of the old theme of guardian angels.

Speaking of guardian angels… Right now, my cat is fighting with my mother to win free of being tortured by the stick. Then he goes and has a mild spazz attack on the furniture. How the beast is still alive, lord only knows, has to be because of guardian angels.

Tomorrow will be another landmark in INHERENT: 50,000 words. I wrote 1700 today, to bring it up to a current total of 48,700. I started this book the first week of January, sitting on about 1000 words. So, in just over two months (with about two weeks of doing almost nothing!), I have written 47,000 words. A staggering difference from RED SUN.

And in other news, I’m back to working on Shadow and Soul. With the amount of common history between INHERENT and Shadow and Soul, I have to focus on getting the facts straight. Previously, I’ve been sort of playing around with the pieces and putting them here and there as I fancied.

Shadow and Soul has been slowly building since I was 13. It’s time for it to start taking real shape.


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