Sorry guys, running out of time, and go too much going on.

Yesterday sucked, on all levels. Today WILL be better. I command it.

Anyways, INHERENT is now organized in the format it will be laid out in the book, and notes on needed scenes are written. Looks like about two thousand words to chop out, whole scenes that don’t fit anymore. That will be done later.

Also, I’ve committed to finishing the Beauty and the Beast story by August 1, and attempting to have it published. Tentative title is “Saints and Virgins”, word-count goal is 10,000. Eventually, I would like to publish it in a collection with my other “myths”.

That’s all for now kids, although if anyone is looking for a good book, I strongly recommend Bradbury’s (Thank you FW) “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. He’s a master. And the book is really a long short story, with equal parts horror and innocence. I loved it!


4 Responses to “Short!”

  1. Ken Kiser Says:

    Something Wicked this way comes was a Bradbury novel.

    Did Feist rewrite it? Which Feist?

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Whoops, I meant Bradbury. I’d also just read Feist. Yikes. Sorry! I’ll edit that change in the morning. I can barely see straight tonight.

  2. Ken Kiser Says:

    Cool. I like both authors too, but Bradbury is simply a writing god!!

    And Feist knows well how to tell a griping yarn.

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