First, the manager sets off an alarm. Can’t figure out how to make it shut up. Hey, it’s six am, you try and think that quickly at six am. Anyways, she accidentally sets off the fire alarm instead. Ten minutes later, the cavalry arrives, ladder truck and all, and the boys bundle out looking all serious and important. Little hard to take the job seriously when you’ve got a group of soccer moms commenting on your butt I guess. Takes them half an hour of looking, finally find the shut-off. By this point, we’re all whimpering from teh splitting screeches and strobing lights of the alarms, and all the other buildings in the complex are hosting a mini-disco. Ha. That was a barrel of fun. On top of that, the second manager was two hours late, we were short-handed, woohoo that was amusing. The manager is NEVER going to live it down.

It does make the morning better however when the firefighters are giving you the once-over… and the twice over, and a few smiles and some flirting. Hey, I like having friends in high places.

An hour of trying on dresses that have gathered dust in the closets for a year, remembering how to walk in heels, finding weird positions to try and get the damn zippers closed. Apparently, bets are being made and cameras smuggled into work, since I’ve let it be known I’m stopping by on the way to the wedding. That should be hilarious.

I’ve also been chasing down genealogy stuff, since it’s been coming up recently that some questions weren’t answered by previous research. Good god, it gets rough when everyone married their cousin!

So, the next few days are full of a ton of work for the magazine, planning a baby shower for a friend, catching up with other friends, posting here, writing stuff, making some jewelry, researching family, making business calls… *pauses to catch breath* Geez.


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  1. This post is incomplete without pictures. KK thanks.

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Unless you found a wormhole, those pictures don’t exist. Nor shall they, if I have anything to say about it! And I’m REALLY good at avoiding pictures.

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