A letter from a low-ranking officer of Ilgaro to his mother on the eve of the civil war.

“We burned a village last night. A harmless, undefended village that had the misfortune of being in our path. The reason? They were citizens of Jastu.
“War fires flared within the first hour of dark, lighting mountain tops and, I have no doubt, telling of the atrocity. If the north was not united against us before, it is now. The soldiers took their women mother, and raped them, and then killed them. The men and boys were also killed, and the elderly. We slaughtered their animals for food and burned what remained that we did not loot.
“I have never been so ashamed in my life. I was fortunate, my unit was not in the front and so we did not have to participate, and I forbade the few men in my command from looting. Thankfully, they were as repulsed as I, for I was so angry I might have slaughtered them had they protested.
“The name of the village was Gendulain. Remember this name, for there is no one else who will, and I will sacrifice my life in protest of this. At dawn tomorrow, when I am sure the letter is well gone, I will go to Erotheri and protest the action and declare that I may no longer support him in good conscience. Obviously, this will result in my death, and that of my men, for they have pledged behind me.
“Goodbye mother. Kiss Kamarre goodbye for me, and remember that in the end, there were men who stood against the fall of Ilgaro from her glory. I love you, Faidu.”


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