INHERENT stands at 66,000 words. I have a goal to reach 70,000 by Tuesday. Which means that, if I behave and work my butt off, the 80,000 rough draft will be finished by the next Tuesday. 😀

I was looking at the stats on this achievement. First book: Rewrites, frustrations, title changes every other week, lack of focus and knowledge of the story. Rough draft completed after: roughly 18 months.

INHERENT: no rewrites yet (and minimal ones to come, only the original ideas need smoothing!), minor frustrations, NO title changes (!!), decent focus, and pretty damn good knowledge of the story. Rough draft completed in: less than 4 months.

This is after several weeks of “oh, I suck, of the story sucks, oh I can’t write!” whining, which I thought would doom me.

The credit here goes largely to NEW NAME I believe. In that story, I felt success. I sat down with a damned good idea, wrote a damned good story in a month, and had it finished before the next month was out. Very little tweaking and fiddling. A good plot, a focus on the central characters, and a discovery of where my strengths lie made it FUN to write.

Once INHERENT is finished, I’ll be writing another myth. I don’t know which one yet, but I’d like to get about ten of those Myths put together for an anthology.

Desired title for said anthology: Dreamline, after the Australian Aboriginal term.


One Response to “Yay!”

  1. I’m more proud of you than I can ever say.

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