One Week from A Milestone

INHERENT stands at 70,000 words. I will be devoting this week to getting it to the rough draft target of 80,000 words by Tuesday. Monday I’ve written off, going to be gone all day!

Wrote a new opening for the story, an excerpt of which follows.

~Once upon a time, I told you the story of the brave knight rescuing his beautiful princess. You said that night you wanted your own happily ever after. Well, here you go sweetheart. Here’s your happily ever after. Enjoy it bitch, because you’ve bought it at the price of hell for everyone else.
The old woman, her face and form more fair than the finest young human maiden, sees them both. Her granddaughter, and her pawn. Her family, long gone, but never forgotten, forming a protective circle around her granddaughter. Her champion, in the hands of her pawn. Her Beast, the weapon her master had destroyed himself upon, holding the child who was to have given her life back. All these things, she saw in a moment, and knew herself doomed. There is nothing left now but to play her final cards. The course of the battle hangs on her decision now.
Glory, or destruction. Logrozana.~

This new opening will introduce the three protagonist women. It also brings a good hint at the nature of Kadaraita, Logrozana and Abadinur, three concepts integral to the story. The cycles of Change, the challenge of Glory, and the necessity of duty above personal feelings.


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