Browncoats: Redemption

Finally, something more for Firefly fans to play with!

This looks to be an amazing film. Between this and the recently released Hunt for Gollum, I think we can look forward to many more amazing fan-films in the future. The bar is set people. Go. Jump over it. I think we’re all cheering for this to succeed.

The best part of this movie? The Firefly stars have named their favorite charities, and 100% of the profits from this movie will go to those charities.


3 Responses to “Browncoats: Redemption”

  1. Alex Masterson Says:

    It’s brilliant that the decomissioned old bird is still flying high. Really true to the spirit of the show.

    I reckon give it another couple of years and then we’ll see another series of Firefly. Here’s hoping anyway, but in the meantime this does look great; what’s the word on you chatting to Nathan Fillion?

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      I would LOVE to see another Firefly. Even if it’s different characters, as long as one or two were the originals and Fillion was at the helm, I think it would be great.

      If Fillion is going to be at the Convention, I’ll try and talk to him there. I know his charity will be there. I’m also going to contact Haarsma if possible.

      Hello back to you!

  2. Alex Masterson Says:

    Oh, and ‘wordpress first contact hello’!

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