Blogs You Should Be Reading: Pt. 2

First off, apologies for a few days of absence. I’ve been pretty stressed lately, and it finally caught up to me physically. So updates haven’t been as regular or content-y as I would like.

That being said… Here’s a list of more blogs you should be reading! These are more technical/less fun maybe, but should be a daily visit.

In a possibly interesting side-note… There are–at latest count–about 29 sites I visit daily, ranging from email to web-comics to etymology blogs. The bulk of these is the writing blogs at 12. Make it part of your morning reading. Like the newspaper. You will pick up a LOT of good stuff. It is time-consuming, but these are things you can read while watching tv, eating breakfast, etc.

Blogs part 1 was largely author blogs, from both extremely well-known and newer authors. Today’s blogs are agents from well-known agencies who have taken time off to talk to us lowly mortals.

In the running to be one the QueryTracker Queens, Colleen Lindsey has been nominated as one of the best agents to work with. An agent at FinePrint Literary Management, her blog has articles on query letters, manners, and Douglas Adams, as well as the occasional poll of ‘what shoes should I wear to the pitch session?’. A fun and informative read.

Rachelle Gardner is another agent in running at the Query Tracker contest. A lot of good articles about the more technical aspects of being published.

Not so much an agent blog as a place for writers to get great advice from editors, Blood-Red Pencil is a recent discover and a gold mine. A good look at the sometimes unsung heroes of the publishing world.

The Rejecter is an anonymously-run blog by an assistant at an anonymous literary agency. Great Q&A format. This is one of the people who either puts your query in the rejection pile or passes it on to one of those super-agents. ie. ‘Yet another person to impress’.

The official BookEnds, LLC blog. More great articles by one of the powerhouses. Great links too!

I just followed a link to Jennifer Jackson’s blog today. It looks like she links out to some good articles

Lyons Literary LLC has an article on the front page of a guy who queries multiple agents daily, over and over again. He has been asked to stop. His response? “I’m going to knock down the doors of publishing.” Well, no, you’ll probably just eventually get EVERYONE pissed off at you and not even be able to get a POD to publish you. People, read this article, weep, and for God’s sake, don’t be that sort of person… Please?

Aaaaand, that’s it for this post folks. I’m going to go put all this good info to use and edit up that gem-in-the-rough that is ‘Inherent’.


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