Inherent Update!

With 1200 words today, I now stand at 97,000 words for the story. About 25 pages left of Abadinur’s rough draft before I can start on Kadaraita and Logrozana. The prologue and epilogue I won’t write till last. A little shift though. The format of Inherent will still be the three acts, each focusing on a different group of characters, however, instead of beginning the book, Abadinur will be in the middle. Logrozana will lead off, and Kadaraita will finish. Since the characters of Kadaraita are the wild cards, that takes all the loose ends of the first two acts and ties them neatly up.

That also puts the bulkiest of the acts in the center, balancing the story out a little. I don’t have any chapters marked in the book yet, that will wait until all the acts are mostly done. Then the final stitching will include chapters.

I’m excited about this story. The characters rock, it’s got touches of mythology and fairytale in it. It has evil witches, good witches, despotic kings, grand battles, demons and all the goodness that makes a fairy tale so fun. I can’t wait to finish it, but it’s going to be one hell of a book-end blues for me!


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