When it rains, it pours.

Eight, almost nine years ago, I was riding one of my horses in a pasture in CA. It was early spring, good weather, and my grandmother was out walking with me. I’ve always had a habit of grabbing a halter and rope and catching a horse to ride any time I was going somewhere on the property. So the mare had a halter and a rope casually looped around her neck, and I was riding bareback. I also had a bad habit of zoning out at times, and I did so that day.

Star was a predictable, reliable horse. ie. if there’s something to spook at, she probably will. If there’s a tree to run under while spooking and she gets the two for one of scaring the crap out of you AND dumping you off, she probably will. The only thing you couldn’t know about Star was whether she’d be paying enough attention to spook at all the things in this wide, wide world.

That day, the culprit was the dirt pile left over from a new road we were constructing. Somehow, coming around the corner, she must have made a wild leap of logic from ‘dirt-pile’ to ‘pony-eating-bloody-mad-BEAR!’ and a similarly wild leap into the stratosphere. All I remember is that one moment, we were facing the dirt pile, and next, we were bucking the opposite way, down a bank, across a paved road, down another bank, and off across the pasture. Except I didn’t travel so fast. I landed, shoulder-first, on the pavement.

After that, it’s a vague montage of rolling across the road and skiing down the opposite slope. On my face. And SOMEHOW, the pony managed to take long enough (or else I really did fly!) that she nearly trampled me as I rolled. (Yes, I did get back on her within 20 minutes. After I cleaned the blood off my face)

By the time I made it to the house, my nose was broken and my shoulder almost useless. A later fall completed the damage, and x-rays later confirmed that not only was there muscular damage, a rib was actually somehow detached from my ribcage and held in place only by damaged muscles. A year of physical therapy, and I at least had a few pain-free days, as long as I worked out and kept up with the therapy.

But I’ve been two years without therapy, and it’s caught up. The last few days have been excruciating. Today I mentioned that pain to a coworker, and a woman standing nearby asked if I had ever had trouble breathing or with my heart since the accident. She said that there is a nerve in my shoulder that connects to heart and lungs, and that it sounds like it might be pressured. She’s a chiropractor, and told me to get that looked at asap.

The last two weeks have been one bad piece of news after the next. This one isn’t too unexpected, I knew it would become a serious problem at some point. Well, it’s a problem now.


2 Responses to “When it rains, it pours.”

  1. Ah hell Jaym, that snowball just keeps on rolling 😦

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