Food and Guests, oh my!

This morning was our first ‘serious’ Farmer’s Market run. There’s a nice big one within 30 minutes of the house, so that’s our Saturday morning run every week during the summer. The produce selections are just beginning to really flourish, but even so, we got a LOT of stuff! (pictures tomorrow!)

In the bags: Peaches, berries, fried pies, fresh Greek pastries, peppers, tomatoes, green mango, over half a dozen bunches of herbs, fresh goat cheese, Asian veggies, snapdragons and peonies, medicinal herb plants, marigolds and a bougainvillea plant and a dozen more things. The fridge is full, there’s a pot of veggie stock simmering, a pan of roasted chicken in the fridge to become chicken stock, and peaches and berries to make jam out of. Yep, tomorrow is canning day. Yay Champagne-Ginger Peach jam!

Sadly, life got in the way of life and I had to bow out of Femme Fest tonight. Friends invited me along a few weeks ago, so I went over for BBQ first, but no concerts tonight. So the morning was farmer’s market, the afternoon was southern lesbians and BBQ. Right. At least I didn’t fall for the blond this time… Great fun, and a much-needed unwind. Going to miss some of them when I leave though.

In other news… Master Havoc of Fifthwind Forums will be launching a guest-blog soon! Bi-weekly (at this point), he will be coming over here to discuss his massive original forum-based RPG Wastelands and how it interacts with writing. I’m looking forward to this, and you should be too! Wastelands is an intricate and deeply detailed world with many adventures going on, and Havoc is as passionate about it as any writer is about their original world.

The difference between most ‘worlds’ and Wastelands? Wastelands has an ‘Open for Business’ sign in the door and Havoc and his muse Kuro encourage feedback, ideas and sharing!


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