Pro-Lifers Commit Murder

Does everyone see the irony here?

I grew up in an environment that was pro-life, racist, homophobic, misogynistic. I put my foot down on attending family gatherings after listening to the men sit and talk about how the Hispanic cashier probably had AIDS and how they should all be deported, how gay marriage would be the downfall of America, etc etc etc.

I can imagine them crowing right now. Hallelujah, the spawn of Satan is dead. Hallelujah, he’s going to hell. The misogynistic, racist, homophobic members of my family might as well be waving torches and donning white robes at this point. It is the sort of thing they would deeply approve of.

Read the accolades to Tiller’s compassion and care for his patients. Go read the other side of the story, the one you don’t hear about how abortions aren’t the screaming, bloody butcheries so many pro-lifers would have us believe. Read about the church usher, the man who toughed out attacks, burgleries, gunshot wounds and hatred and still gave up his life for something he believed was right.

Tiller didn’t provide an easy-out for anyone who happened to change their mind about their child. He aborted women whose children were so impaired that they couldn’t hope to lead a healthy or happy life, or women who would never recover from having a child. His concern was more long-term, more encompassing than perhaps those who scream for his death have ever considered.

The issues surrounding abortion are possibly the stickiest of any debate we face now. This isn’t gay rights, where it’s an issue of equality, as important as that is. It’s not equal pay or support for third-world nations. This is about life and death, and deciding when a procedure becomes murder, and who would be responsible. When do you ok ending a life? When is it a quick and easy fix for a mistake?

I believe in choice. But I also believe in responsibility, and that this isn’t something cut and dried. It may never be solved, and certainly not to everyone’s satisfaction.

But there’s no question what Tiller’s death was. Murder. Flat-out, stupid, small-minded, hateful murder. And everyone who cheers the murderer takes part in that murder.

If you advocate life, you don’t get to play God. You don’t get to pick and choose who lives and who dies. Either you argue for all, or you argue for none.

And that, I do believe, is a cut and dried issue.


3 Responses to “Pro-Lifers Commit Murder”

  1. uh… posting social/political articles is not in the best interest of a writer/writing blog. You’ll only alienate exactly half your readers, and muddy the purpose of your effort here.

    Readers who come here regularly for news and information about the writing industry will be turned off…

    And readers who ARE interested in social news don’t come here to begin with, so you are writing an article for people that aren’t here.

    If it’s just a personal rant… well, I would prefer rants based on writing or the writing industry.

    Bad Move.

    Unless this is just a “personal Journal” (but I know it isn’t) 😉

    • Yeah, I was thinking something similar actually, about the Scientology related master-plan I posted on my blog the other day. Half tempted to delete the religion part of it to be honest, even though it was just my ironic musings…

      • Jaym Gates Says:

        See, I knew when I posted it that I’d get some bad reactions on it. However, I never made a promise that this blog would be all business. I felt strongly about it, and my theory is “You don’t like it, don’t read it.” I’m not so desperate for readers that I’ll only post in a narrow market.

        It wasn’t the murder itself that prompted this response. We have murders all the time. It was people’s responses. And honestly, I think a good chunk of the writing world could stand to be a little more in touch with the real world.

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