I’ve got a whole long document of short pieces. Most are fragments, little bits of stories that have come here and there. I want all of them to expand into longer stories someday. Inherent came from one such ‘Flash’, 300 words that got tossed into the document. When I read through it, that one stuck and I wrote it. Many of the pieces will most likely be the same.

Then there are those like this one. Just fun to write! And hey, I refuse to comment on whether or not this particular fetish is based in reality… Yes, it’s a bit purple-prose. Honestly, that was the intention!

Silver lights played over the velvet of her gown as he dragged his fingers over her shoulder, angel’s brushes in the nap of the fabric. Deeper valleys of shadow slid down over her breasts, concealing her belly in a deep green forest. Her nipples broke the smooth expanse, tiny peaks on the mountains of flesh holding them up. His fingers, attracted to these as lightning to lodestone, brushed across them to elicit a breathless cry of ecstasy. He worshiped the white lace foaming down her throat, white froth of a river spilling between her breasts, his lips wafting a tendril of her rust-colored hair across his face as he blew on the velvet-covered nipple. The gentle moan above him made him chuckle deeply in his throat. Silly girl, he did not pet her for her satisfaction, it was the velvet and lace and silk, the pure sensation that he craved, the life her body brought to them. She could have been a hag as long as she wore a velvet dress.


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