Research Links

Well, so apparently I’m the odd one out who actually does research for fun. Add that to my list of wild and colorful differences from the human race. There’s a reason I want a degree in Anthropology.

However, that being said, here are some links that you can use when you can’t escape research! More to come later!


Encyclopedia Mythica

Folklinks is a great link-list for mythology, fairytales and folklore

Mythography Greek, Celtic, Roman.

Folklore Links, another great resource to branch out from.

Magic, Astrology and Sorcery

Tarot Interpretations

Divination who knew there were so many forms of divination?

Alchemy Electronic Dictionary is a great resource for alchemical symbols and terms.


2 Responses to “Research Links”

  1. Ah, research. It seems to be fast becoming one of my favorite pastimes while I am at school. I can’t see why so many authors are saying “just plunge right in! Writing is WAY more important than world building/making sure you get your facts straight.”

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Yes, and look where it’s gotten us. Fantasy is damn near cookie-cutter except for a few notable exceptions. I’m getting burned out on looking for new authors to enjoy because it seems so many of them just grabbed the latest model off the shelf.

      There is so much cool stuff out there to use people! Branch out! Be imaginative!

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