The city attracts lightning, I am sure of it. As summer progresses, nearly every night is a show of surpassing brilliance.

It begins at work, with eerie lights flickering on the horizon, hidden by trees, buildings, clouds. The freeway is surreal if it is raining, blue-green ghost-lights flickering behind the trees and above buildings, long chains that can light up half the sky.

As the road turns, the off-ramp provides the most beautiful picture of them all. The air is unpolluted here, and the freeway carves a swath through the dense trees, opening an avenue for the light show. The lightning is blue here, flickering in clear chains from one side of the sky to the other.

And then the road turns, and the city draws closer, and the light is red-gold, flashing warning lights above while electric-green fireflies dash through the air and the trees sway gently or whip about in the wind.

The last place to see the lightning is the stoplight at the small-town crossroads, a lonely place to be at midnight, although once there was a girl with her bicycle sitting next to a lamp-clock. Here, the lightning is right above the city, gold and red, sharper and faster and maybe not staying in the clouds.

I’d like to be in the top floor of one of the sky-scrapers some stormy night, watching the summer lightning play outside. The lightning loves the city.


2 Responses to “Lightning”

  1. Nameless One Says:

    You said it. Watching lightning streak across the sky…its so mesmerizing.

  2. I am understanding lightning so much more since I have been reading people’s blogs. I have always been terrified of storms and known to hide, evan as an adult! I have recently moved to Spain in the foothills of a mountain range, facing the sea. Storms are fairly frequent, and the lightning panoramic and awesom. I think I am gradually coming to terms with lightning and not afraid of it.

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