Reading Request Requests!

So, for those of you who have graciously consented to read Abadinur for me, here’s the stuff I’m particularly looking for in feedback!

1.) Plot. Does it make sense, does it flow? Abadinur is for all purposes a short story. It needs to mostly stand on its own plot-wise. This is where I want the most brutal feedback!

2.) Voice. Is it enjoyable to read? Is it unique?

3.) Characters. Are they distinct, memorable, realistic?

4.) Dialog vs. Narrative. Dialog is a weakness for me. Be harsh please. Both of these will be edited later of course, but feedback now will help.

5.) Any questions that were left unresolved by the story. While there are several other ‘acts’ that will answer some questions, it helps to know what I might have missed.

Again, I completely appreciate the help, support and cheerleading from everyone!


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