Some fun curiousities!

I got through 3000 words of ‘Logrozana’ today, 1000 of those added in as I went. It is stormy outside, I have a strange variety of music playing, and must soon depart to be tweaked and pulled and supposedly ‘fixed’. My spine that is.

Lots of stuff still to do today though, so I am going to go clean before I leave. But since I wanted to play, here are some of my favorite guilty pleasures:

Chateau Bizarre: I am addicted to exploring this site. Some of the most beautiful goth, steampunk and magic-oriented curiosities lurk in here.

Gunnerkrigg Court: the artwork is perfect, the colors drenched and moody, and the storyline draws from urban-fantasy, mythology and a dozen other things.

The place where I get my tattoos, Ace Custom Tattoo is one of the top shops in NC. I recommend everyone there, but a special bit of love to Lil Tommy, who has put up with all the serpentine twistings and changes my tattoos go through. One of these days, we’ll finish the project! (If you don’t believe my devotion: I’ve already notified him that I’ll be planning visits back to Charlotte around his schedule any time I want a new tattoo. He is that good.)

Everyone needs to know how to Swear in Foreign Languages.

My favorite part of reading ‘Ivanhoe’ was the description of the silks, velvet and settings. So it’s easy to see why Silk Baron’s wares make my mouth water.

If silks and such things make a magpie sing, then masks are even better. I aspire to someday be half as skilled as Ryl Mandus.

Unique, beautiful metal jewelry from Sarah Graham.

Last jewelry post of the day, Wexford Jewelers creates fantastic fantasies in metal and gems.

My grandfather would be so proud (well he would be if these weren’t maps to the ‘demon haunts) that even the world of mythology has maps: Mythological Maps.

And finally, because everyone needs to be a Pompous Ass at least once in life, we have Pompous Ass Words Web Site.


4 Responses to “Some fun curiousities!”

  1. Mornara! Quit making me want to buy expensive shiny things!

  2. Silly girls 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link Jaym!

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