Unsavory Results

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how my shoulder got injured, and how much trouble it gives me. I got x-rays yesterday, and went in to get the results today.

It isn’t promising when the chiropractor gives me a look of sympathy and says (being truly southern!) ‘oh honey’, and gives me a hug. It’s even less promising when she says ‘I have never seen such a bad spine curvature in anyone your age’.

So, the basic plan is to start out with three visits a week for three months. After that, two visits a week for the rest of the year. But she warned that it could take several years to reverse the damage. Lucky me.

I’m just glad to be getting it fixed.


2 Responses to “Unsavory Results”

  1. Oddly, this makes me extremely worried about my own back.

    *hugs* At least you’re getting it fixed up!

  2. If there was anything I could do, I would. *pets*

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