Dinner. Be jealous. Be VERY jealous.

Base: Shredded corn tortillas heated with coriander and olive oil.

Second layer: Spinach lightly steamed with fresh oregano, rosemary and basil.

Third layer: Asparagus lightly sauteed with pepper, olive oil and salt.

Fourth layer: Fingerling potatoes roasted* with Marsala wine, aged balsamic, olive oil, pomegranate molasses, lemon peel and coarse sea-salt. *The beauty of the molasses is that the mixture is all caramelized on the potatoes, and the salt doesn’t melt, so it’s this rich, briny-sweet crust on each potato!

Dressing: Potato drippings, creme fraiche, Marsala and Sherry wine, blend of 6 shredded Italian cheeses.

I originally made this ‘salad’ with white asparagus, which I like, but the green asparagus works better. The flavors and textures blend so well, ranging from soft and bready to crunchy to salty-sweet. A favorite!


One Response to “Dinner. Be jealous. Be VERY jealous.”

  1. Nameless One Says:

    OMG Morn. I’m practically drooling. Sounds delicicious

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