WASTELANDS: State of Affairs pt. 2

NORTH AMERICA: Once a world power, the United States of America found itself in dire straights in the early 21st century. Its reputation tarnished by presidents who sought to police the world and make it ‘safe for democracy’. However, a few presidents genuinely worked hard to repair the image, but a sinister threat brewed right under the surface.

The company Gentech Engineering had once been a European company that had moved to the states around 2007, among them were experiments created during the Cold War in an attempt to create a human/animal hybrid that would be a soldier in a post-nuclear conflict. The Cold War ended though before the hybrids reached maturity, and one in particular united those who hadn’t escaped or died in a gambit to show the world who they were. His name was Scarab, and he was part human and part scarab, as his name suggested. In a bold move in early 2008, he and the other hybrids of the company enacted a bloody coup, killing the partners and CEO to take over the company. For the century it would be run covertly by Scarab and his fellow hybrids as they spread their numbers through the shadows and all aspects of America life.

In 2115, when the world was in chaos, Scarab deemed the time to strike was then. By that time, thousands of hybrids existed and they had infiltrated several aspects of the US government. With much of the military overseas and scattered throughout the world in an attempt to keep the peace, many facilities were left unguarded, and the hybrids found access to the nuclear arsenal of minuteman missiles scattered throughout the US. A war began that lasted a mere six months and ended with the fall of the United States of America. The Six Months War was known to the hybrids as “The Tyrant’s Fall” and has been ever since. Scarab declared himself Emperor and ruled for several years before his son took over. The hybrids called themselves The Breed, and thus The Breed Empire was born.

More recently, the Empire has broken up by the actions of the Imperial Family, creating two major forces in North America: The original empire on the Eastern Seaboard and part of North America, and The Garadal Republic on the West Coast. Between them the center of the continent has become a massive wasteland, in the middle of a drought that has thus far lasted 75 years. Humans, orcs, trolls and elves are forced to fend for themselves in this harsh environment where water is more valuable then gold.

SOUTH AMERICA: Very little changed in this part of the world during the time that the Breed took over North America. Only around 2425 does the empire take notice of the continent and launch a campaign into bringing it under the control of The Breed Empire. Known as the Tartarus Campaign, newly promoted Supreme Lord Arbiter of the Imperial Legions, Vradeus Gaump led the legions to victory, conquering the continent in short order thanks to his tactics and beliefs the likes of which have not been seen since Sun-Tzu. His text, “The Griffin’s Tome” virtually overnight becomes the most important piece of Imperial Military literature not long after, detailing tactics, military affairs and philosophy, much like Sun-Tzu’s text millennia before.

However, all is not well as many new provinces start to question the Imperial rule. In early 2428, there is the rebellion and birth of the Garadal Republic up north. As a result, the provinces of South America secede from the Empire and each forms its own city state. Since then, they have been fighting amongst themselves, one trying to prove the one worthy of leading them against the Emperor.

More recently though, it has become an area of interest to any Breed, due to rumored sightings of none other then the original Scarab. A figure who had longed believed died and passed into Breed Mythology as ruler of their gods.

EUROPE: The years have not been kind to Europe, especially in the early 21st century. The European Union fell apart in 2057 and the continent fell into a state of warfare. The nations bickered with one another until warfare ripped the continent apart. Three wars over the course of the next several centuries caused much animosity among the populace. Finally though, there was a glimmer of hope with an old idea made new; a union of the nations of Europe under a single banner. The New European Union was formed not long before The Vradka’Dervi laid siege to the continent and has for almost 100 years now been fighting to keep them at bay.

However, all is not well in the NEU. Trouble with states and constant warfare have forced the NEU to take desperate measures to keeping order as one of the last bastions of civilization against the demons in Europe. Attempting to help keep order are the Knights Templar, survivors of when the demons overran Rome who have vowed to drive the demons back into their realms. Unlike the ancient order of Knights Templar though, these ones are many faiths under a single banner with a united objective to purge the demons from all lands in the earth that are holy.

AUSTRALIA: Very little has happened in Australia since contact with the outside world was cut off. Government eroded and the rich of the country gained power, eventually buying up most of it and dividing the region into city states. As of the current date in setting, these are tense times for the Australian city states and the possibility of war might begin with the creation of nuclear weapons on the continent.

ANTARCTICA AND NORTH POLE: On the freezing roof of the world, only the dead can truly be comfortable, and as a result, it is home to the undead known as the Necroplic Elves. A Necroplic is an elf who has been reanimated using a special process in necromancy, allowing them to function virtually in the same ways as if they were alive. Ruled by a Lich King, currently one Vrencus Nightstalker, they have deemed the living a nessicary casualty in their war against the demonic. Without the living souls provided, the demons will be unable to survive in the reality that anyone individually does. And when there is no life left, nature will be allowed to take its course as long frozen bacteria will be released into the world for the process to start anew… With the undead elves watching over the planet to ensure the demonic never return.

Join me next time when I will discuss the importance of helping new players adapt to this (and any) forum-based role-playing game! ~Havoc


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