Freewrite 6/19

Wasn’t it once said ‘better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all’? I wonder now, as I stand and stare at the wreckage of two kingdoms, what loveless fool must have said that.

Smoke still rises from the war-machines, the great catapults and siege-engines and battle-towers. Shattered cogs and gears litter the ground, stick out of mangled bodies where a flying machine took a direct hit from an enemy entrenchment. The entrenchment is mangled too. The machine landed right on them, spilling its load of precious fuel across the trapped soldiers. The smell of roasting meat gags me.

I loved once. Loved deeply and passionately. My kingdom was great for it, for my love. I agreed then with that assumption of love. I had not lost.

But things happen. Strains develop. Small mistruths are told, build into larger ones. When one’s lover is away, the slightest change of voice, a missed interaction, an angry word can blow into something so much larger. That great, passionate, ocean-wild love grew stormy, and relations between our kingdoms faltered.

We loved. We lost. And I would give it all back to be a withered, loveless crone. Because my kingdom lies in shatters. My people are dead. His kingdom is shattered, his people are dead. We are the only ones left, and we still have not solved anything.

He walks towards me now, limping. Maybe there are tears on his face. We loved. We lost. We lost everything.

I do not know if he comes to beg forgiveness, or if he comes to kill me.

I am sorry my people. I am sorry I loved.


2 Responses to “Freewrite 6/19”

  1. so where in all that was the food porn … i expected to see naked bananas frolicing with bar mid-riffed mangoes and plump blueberries …. what a letdown


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