Today in Inherent…

My music for the day is from Jo Blankenburg’s website. Beautiful! He started following me on Twitter, which ended up being a huge favor for me. I think I shall edit ‘Kadaraita’ in particular to this music. I must go buy his CD’s.

I’m being distracted today. It amuses me, in a morbid sense, that more than one friendship has risen to be a great thing, only to fall on the strength or weakness of a bit of inflection or punctuation. Perhaps as a writer, that should make me nervous. Or perhaps I should try to become close to people who don’t see every fiber of a problem or situation. Then again, I wouldn’t trade my touchy, difficult people for anything. It is, however, distracting.

Inherent today is being expanded, since I didn’t realize how many holes were still in Logrozana. I don’t want too many more words. It’s already a large enough story.

Preliminary feedback on Abadinur was all I could have hoped for… And more.

Damn girl you have an epic tale here. The ending leaves you desiring more… much much more.

Over all and excellent piece. I love how you weave your showing with telling in the form of whispers of legends. It is a very original way to tell this story… This is definitely NOT a run of the mill fantasy story. This is more of a thought provoking type of writing.

That sort of thing makes me silly-happy. Inherent is a story I flat-out love. Not my writing, not my ‘ingenuity’, just the story. I’m leaving the ending, because it will be so bitter-sweet with a side of bitter that I may well cry when I write it, because I’ll be done, and I don’t want to be.

August 1 is the target date for the second edit. October 1 is the target date for it to be finished.


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