Blog Link Soup!

Hilarious look at the ‘fun’ of real ranching life in Montana, family and writing over at Montana For Real. (Found through Janet Reid’s Twitter)

A very useful blog talking about publishing and social media at Chris Webb’s Publishing Blog, which was incidentally found via…

The INTERN. Just funny. And scary. And really, really funny. Useful info too!

The blog of agent Jennifer Jackson. Just looking at her client list is absolutely astounding!

Two extra, non-bloggy links:

Fantasy Magazine has changed their book-selling affiliation from Amazon to Powell’s Books. I like Powell’s Books, and happily shall be near them in Oregon!

I have mentioned a taste for classical and classically-inspired music. Maybe passion is a better word. NOTHING is as exquisite and moving as true classical. But sometimes these modern composers with classical training come damn close. Paco Santiago’s Oriental is one of those. Jo Blankenburg added me on Twitter today, so I checked his website.

I wrote today while listening to that music. I shall play his music nonstop while editing Kadaraita. If I ever had a story made into a movie, I would want him to compose the entire score.


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