Characters: Queens of Ilgaro

When the Aysture–the dragons of Samis–set up their kingdom, they took wives from men to bear children with the strength of immortal blood and the urgency of mortality. The inspiration for this came directly from the Biblical passage: ‘And the sons of God took to wife the daughters of men’. The Aysture are very much ‘sons of gods’, or more accurately ‘sons of the goddess Hadajia’.

Where this practice came from is somewhat uncertain. Karamarog was the first, with his wife Akistelu. Perhaps Mortathes saw the advantages to be gained from such a union, and immortal mates certainly were not in surplus. What is known is that the nation began an organic sort of cohesion, and when Virgal-Goien (still a young nation also) threatened Gatika, the children of the dragons were at the front of that war. After the war, it was decided that the children would provide a good bridge between the immortals and the mortals, a sort of ‘best of all worlds’ scenario, and so the traditions began.

Each dragon had three wives before the events of ‘Inherent’, they were able to meddle enough with affairs and events that the King-Time was generally well ordered enough and a regular cycle.

Erotherimas (Erotheri in Inherent) was the last of the Aysture to take a wife. The Spirit of Earth and Stone, his province of Ilgaro was well-ruled and peaceful.

Arejoli was his first wife, a merchant’s daughter, and their daughter was Lakabe. Arejoli took responsibility for turning Erotheri’s provincial kingdom into a royal territory. She founded a villa in Beyrie province, built schools and a university and established, with the help of her husband, a strong network of roads and post-delivery routes. The longest-lived of the queens, she was also the most attached to her husband, staying close to him until her own death at a great age.

Elabete was his second wife. A skilled artist, her legacy was a beautifully-designed temple to the patroness of art. The temple was furnished with the finest selections of art she could find, and became a beautiful museum over time. However, as with the other queens of this era, there was no great challenge for her, and so she was remembered mostly as a sweet, beneficent shadow.

Zuia wasn’t much attached to Erotheri, although she loved him. A healer with unusual skill and knowledge of potions and poisonous plants, she taught regularly at the Academy. Both healers and warriors apprenticed under her, and all Wardens were required to learn from her. She had a sprawling garden of rare, exotic and deadly plants, augmented by a collection of deadly snakes, spiders, fish and frogs. Erotheri called her his destroyer goddess. But for all her obsession with healing and poisons, she did love him, and he mourned her terribly after her death.

Rivareyt, the queen of Inherent, is the first foreign queen for any of the Aysture. From Kortango, her secrets are darker than Erotheri can dream of. But she is an able mind for logistics, and is instrumental in running the kingdom.

Erotheri is considered foolish by the other Aysture. His affection for his wives is very mortal, and as the years pass, he becomes more mortal himself, showing some signs of aging and forgetting his past. Although he is powerful, his women weaken him because he grieves so deeply for each of them.

The Queens of Ilgaro are the leaders of the civil sector of Samis, teaching their children good rule and the finer things of civilization that the mad witches of Jastu might forget, or that the stern war-priestesses of Gatika might not know. Their history is the least colorful, but their monuments are more likely to stand for centuries, universities and libraries, museums and temples.


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